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Kylie Izquierdo, Director

(Bachelor Applied Science (Disability Studies), Master Business Administration)

Kylie Izquierdo is one of the co-founder’s of As They Grow and comes with a range of experience spanning over a 15-year career in working with individuals, families and using evidence-based approaches. Her background as a qualified and registered Developmental Educator combined with her Sleep Consultant training and vast experience has enabled many families to live the life they want by benefiting from the goals developed and undertaken under Kylie’s gentle support and guidance.

As a mum of two, she began to identify with what parents and carers really want and need when raising a little one and what would actually help in those trying moments of trying to settle a upset baby.

Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn to research-based strategies into practical strategies that any parent or carer can apply has contributed to her success as a trusted and proven sleep consultant.

Kylie is fuelled by her passion for understanding the biology and developmental strategies of little ones to create gentle and evidence-based strategies for goals related to sleep, toilet training, behaviour management and a range of other skills. She considers herself a ‘forever student’, eager to both build on her academic foundations and stay in tune with the real needs and wants of parents and carers today.

Amy Liaw, Director

(Bachelor Applied Science (Disability Studies), Master Business Administration)

Amy Liaw is the co-founder’s of As They Grow. Her background as a qualified and registered Developmental Educator with over 15 years community experience working with many diverse families and their loved ones with disabilities.

Amy is a registered Allied Health professional with DEAI who has a broad range of experience within the pediatric field.

She has experience working clinically in private practice and educational settings, including schools (public & private). Amy has also worked as an educator in childcare centers and in after school care.

Amy is a mother of Ethan (aged 6) and Ella (aged 4), she is passionate about quality sleep and understands the important of sleep for a child’s development. She uses a holistic approach to therapy and acknowledge the importance of collaboration with families to achieve best outcomes for their child.
I was so lucky to have Kylie in my life. As a first time mom, I really needed help with my Bub's sleep as it had occupied me 24/7. At the end of the program, I am confident that my Bub is able to self sooth and we dropped to 1 feed at night. Finally! As They Grow is very much recommended!

M. Valencia
We can’t thank Kylie enough for her recent support! Our 3 months, Henry* started waking hourly from 3am and needed help resettling back to sleep and he would only cat nap during the day. Within one week and with guidance from Kylie, Henry has learnt to resettle himself back to sleep during the night and have a great routine that has helped Henry have longer rejuvenating naps throughout the day. Kylie has given me so much c

S. Bryant
After working with Amy for a few short weeks I feel more confident with understanding Xavier* and his sleep needs. He is a lot happier when he is awake as he is well-rested. I would recommend As They Grow to all new mums that feel lost or are having difficulty finding their way and understanding their babies sleep needs. Was a total game changer!

C. Wood

*Names changed to protect privacy

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